About us

Who We Are

Illeys IT is an independent online virtual learning provider in the IT courses of  mainly CompTIA , Cisco, AWS, and Cyber-Security. Similarly , we have also wide range of  health and social care courses , aviation and languages. 

Illeys is social enterprise meaning a people investor. We cater in addition, a  long distance learning opportunities for those  who for whatever reason cannot afford to travel abroad for financial reason can learn at the comfort with their loved ones provided they have access to a computer and internet and desire to learn. 


In order to bridge the gap of those students who cannot travel to Europe, USA due to visa/ travel restriction(s). We can provide you a cost effective worry free way of learning while you gain the same knowledge and well recognised certification(s) without ever leaving home country city/village provided you have access to a computer, internet and desire to learn and pay your fee.

What We Do

If after reading above,  you think, we can be of any help, look no further,  join us today and enquire any question(s) you might have to us at  info@illeys.com. 


We also cater for parents who want their children for extra tuition lessons for our ever growing courses, please enquire and let us know  at info@illeys.com or simply check our contact page.